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Art is in the foreground of the restoration plan for Palazzo Valperga Galleani. Indeed, it’s an integral part of the entire recovery project. The design and creation of a specific body of artistic works for the building - which could also surprise and give pleasure to curious passersby - was commissioned to Richi Ferrero.

The artist’s creation is an original artistic pathway which includes the ‘Giardino Verticale’ (Vertical Garden), the ‘Giardino Barocco’ (Baroque Garden), ‘Come se a Torino ci fosse il mare’ (As if Turin were on the sea) and ‘La Maschera’ (The Mask). His project’s design arises from the significant intention to reinterpret the original Baroque garden as a reference to “dreamlike space”, considered as a moment of refined and rigorous decoration of the public space. The original place no longer exists and can no longer exist, but its memory can  be born again: in the uprightness along which it climbs, from the courtyard to the roofs, it currently lives as a garden-reference suspended in air.     
Inside the Palazzo, an extraordinary surprise full of light calls the dream back to mind: it brings the sea to Turin with another work by Richi Ferrero. The inspiration stems from the presence, right in the middle of the space, of a glass dome. Currently, this dome is transparent and covers the underlying hall which is used by a bank. Further, it also represents the limit of the areas containing the private walkways of the four apartments opposite. This work is composed of two marks – a plant part and a sculptural one – that relate to each other coherently thus creating an extremely fascinating unicum. The entire perimeter of the dome sees the ongoing collocation of plant arrangements which are made up of various types of evergreen trees. The sculptural mark is represented by seven fish having three different sizes, the largest of which reach the length of a meter. All the fish are made of opaline fiberglass and are situated along the centrins of the dome at different heights: during the day they peer out from the greenery, during the night they light up and change color according to the desired programming. Therefore the court is transformed into the bottom of the sea, inhabited by glowing fish that can be seen amid a poetic coralline vegetation.